An Urban Wellness Couples’ Retreat x Get Your Body Baby-Ready!

An Urban Wellness Couples’ Retreat x Get Your Body Baby-Ready!


Want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with your loved one? Looking for something fun and exciting to do that will add sparks to your relationship? Look no further, we’ve got the perfect weekend activity for you! A perfect date for all couples seeking quality “together” time, we’ve got an interesting rundown for you.


Kickstarting off this event, Sherin, a Registered Yoga Instructor, will host a couple yoga session with a fun twist! Also a trained Thai Yoga teacher, she will incorporate Thai Massage techniques during your session to encourage healthy touches and mindful bonding. Be still, be present and be aware, with your loved one by your side and you won’t even remember that you’re in Hong Kong! (Or so, we hope!)


Next up, Kitty, a registered pharmacist in Hong Kong, UK and Malaysia, mummy to 8-month old baby who has worked at one of the best obstetrics & gynaecology centres in HK for the past years will prepare a short talk on how to get your body baby-ready. Topics will include, what to expect at your pre-pregnancy body check up, how to track your cycle and simple lifestyle changes to boost your fertility naturally. Get your body ready for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby whenever you’re ready!


Media & Sponsors:-

Nomads Kitchen - Snacks & Light Refreshments served during the health talk

Moonglade Candle - Giveaways & Romantic Decor & Scent @ KAFNU]

Purely B Hong Kong - Health & Wellness Website


DATE: 3rd November, 2018, Saturday

TIME: 2:00- 4:00pm


VENUE: KAFNU, 2/F Kerry Hotel, Hung Hom.


PRICE: HKD680/couple (HKD340/person)

DRESS CODE: Colourful activewear


<Note: by attending this event, you are granting us the right to take photographs of you during the event and use such photographs for any lawful purpose including social media>


This event is brought to you by:

Sherin Yoga

Teaches Family Yoga & Moms and Baby Classes  @ Qintensity Workout Community

Also available for private training sessions

Sherin, is certified and trained in Hong Kong. She is an ex-auditor, quantity surveyor, freelance makeup artist and a novice mom. She believes yoga is a journey to explore inner potential, discover of inner self and peace.


FB: Sherin Yoga

Insta: Sherinyoga


Kitty Lo

Registered pharmacist in 3 countries, UK, HK and Malaysia and Mummy to an 8-month old baby, Kitty is constantly searching for innovative and relatable ways to bridge the gap between patients and pharmacists and continue to educate the public about the many important roles a pharmacist can play in their lives.

Contact Details: [email protected]



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Kathy Leung, email: [email protected]

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<Note: by attending this event, you are granting us the right to take photographs and videos of you during the event and to use such photographs and videos for any lawful purpose, including social media marketing.>