Design Thinking Plus for Business Generation

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Design Thinking + for business generation 把設計思維應用在企業轉形構思是不足夠的,在營商過程中仍要考慮客户群, 相關利益者及市場定位等...
今天營商更需要對科技有深入認識, 如大數據及人工智能等技術正正創做了新經濟市場,企業也無法停留在舊經濟中生存。本工作坊就是為了協助企業及管理層認知科技及新經濟, 構思一個有投資價值及回報的商業方案。 

In today's digital world, a good tech support is very necessary and brings in convenience and benefits to all kinds of business. For example, most corporates nowadays find difficulties in surviving old business models as soon as big data and AI was highly priortised and helped created a new market economy. In this workshop, PhaseX will guide you on how you should measure and determine your investment values and return on investments through learning more about advanced technology and other newly-established market economies.
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是一間C level級別的創新顧問機構,為企業管理層作出精準及創新的營商科案, 團隊來自不同的科創領域如IoTPlatform ThinkingBig DataAI...利用顧問團的專業智識及經驗協助企業作出價值轉形(Value Transformation),把企業本身的價值結合創科視野作出最易執行及高市場增長的企業轉型。

| 日期時間 Date & Time | 

日期: 2019年6月1日 (星期六)
時間: 上午11時至下午3時

Date: June 1st, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 11am - 3pm

地點 Venue | 

活動將會於 Kafnu 場內進行,位於嘉里酒店2樓。最近的地鐵站為黃埔站C2出口,或乘搭北角至紅磡的渡海小輪亦只需7分鐘。 

The event will be inside KafnuKafnu is located on the 2nd floor inside Kerry Hotel. The closest MTR is Whampoa MTR exit C2. You can also conveniently access the venue from Hong Kong Island via the North Point <--> Hung Hom Ferry which takes only 7 minutes. Schedule here: 

 Hong Kong, 2/F, Kerry Hotel, 38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom 

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會員 Member: HKD 704
非會員 Non-member: HKD880
Max pax: 100